Fletcher Wood Oil 2oz

Fletcher Wood Oil 2oz

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All wood products lose their luster over time—especially items that are washed regularly. In order to maintain your wooden items it's important to apply a high quality wood oil as needed.

Fletcher Wood Oil is made of Organic Beeswax and Organic Flaxseed Oil (Linseed Oil). We choose this mixture over mineral and other oils because of its food safety, rich color, and tougher finish. Flaxseed oil naturally soaks into the wood pores and polymerizes with time to form a stronger finish. Flaxseed oil will polymerize instantly at 185 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Our customers have used this oil on everything from kitchenware to marine cabinetry to antique furniture. No matter its application, this oil will bring back a natural luster to any wood. When used frequently it will build up strong layers and breath renewed life into your wood products.

Wood conditioner is perfect for restoring wooden surfaces that have lost their luster. That's why we wrote you a guide on restoring wooden kitchen utensils. Find it here.

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