About Us

Fletcher Woodworks was founded by a father and two sons that come from generations of craftsmen. The spark of our family's craftsmanship comes from our great great great grandfather, Skoog, a woodworker who came to America from Sweden. His passion for creating beautiful woodwork has been passed down from generation to generation. Continuing that tradition we work together as a family to bring you not only a reliable tool but a piece of art.

Our passion for natural beauty is a big part of what makes us at Fletcher Woodworks who we are. We hand pick the best wood at local lumberyards. Years of experience help us choose the most beautifully figured grain without compromising the wood grains strength.

We understand as a business who relies on a natural resource we must be stewards of the forest. That's why for each item sold a tree is planted by our reforestation partner, One Tree Planted. By planting a tree for every product we sell we hope to not only replace what we use but add more trees for future generations.